Work to implement the vision of the university in relation to the goals of university extracurricular activities.
Setting the budget for the administration of student affairs in line with the plan of activities and known external participation.
Laying down plans for various activities, including sports, cultural, social, and voluntary, and supervising their implementation.
Work on forming an administrative council for the Alumni Association to oversee their activities and programs
Work to consolidate relations with local community institutions and the private sector to make use of the jobs available to university graduates.
Creating a database that includes all graduates to maintain communication with them through the university’s website
Supervising the implementation of all students’ activities (social, cultural, sports, artistic, competitions, conferences, workshops, courses, trips, official ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, official visits, external participation … etc.).
Preparing the student handbook to include student decisions and instructions every three years.

Knowledge and skills required:
Familiarity with all policies, procedures and regulations related to the field of work
The ability to analyze data, draw statistics, and display results
Statistics numbers analytical skills
Skills of preparing work guides, developing data and developing plans
Computer skills and its applications
Proficiency in English and Arabic

Qualifications and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of experience in the same field

Communication and communication skills
Focus on customer service
Focus on results