Implementing library drafts, policies, goals, and goals
Prepare statistical reports such as library collection, beneficiaries’ uses, and delayed accurate reports.
Achieving accreditation procedures for various programmers.
Online database acquisition and renewal.
Preparing the annual library budget in accordance with the strategic business plan.
Evaluate library materials from time to time and update them to students’ needs.
Developing the infrastructure of the library according to the needs of the users.
Classification and indexing of books in the library.
Import online resources according to the needs of the faculty and students
Preparing a short and long-term strategic business plan
Preparing memoranda of understanding with other universities

Knowledge and skills required:

Familiarity with all policies, procedures and regulations related to the field of work
The ability to analyze data, draw statistics, and display results
Experience in the field of electronic library
Statistics numbers analytical skills
Skills of preparing work guides, developing data, and developing plans
Computer skills and its applications
Fluency in written and spoken English

Qualifications and Experience:

PhD in libraries without the need for years of experience
Master of Libraries with 3 years experience


Communication and communication skills
Focus on customer service
Focus on results
Effectively manage resources