Assistance Director Of Sales And Marketing

Job description

Job Title: Assistance Director of Sales and Marketing.

Reports to: General Manager

Direct Subordinates: Assistant Director of Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Executives, Sales Coordinator.

Indirect Subordinates: No indirect subordinates.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities:

1.1. Compilation of and adherence to financial budgets within rooms (Market mix, avg. Room rate, YIELD and Occupancy).

1.2. Organization and monitoring of all administrative affairs within the Sales Office.

1.3. Identifies prospective accounts and establishes goals for Key Accounts by analyzing historical data and other statistical information and also by conducting accounts interviews and preparing customer action plans.

1.4. Attends fairs in order to represent the Hotel and/or region within a both according to the action plan within the Business/Marketing Plan of the Hotel. The fairs are attended in co-ordination with the Regional or Corp. Sales.

1.5. Priority in sales activities are to be given to this market, for the local travel trade as well as for the corporate accounts.

1.6. Has to be worked on in close co-ordination with the General Manager according to internal regulations.

1.7. Regarding the availability and the co-ordination of rooms for high booking periods the final approval of availability is taken always by the Hotel operation’s management.

1.8. Emphasis on right market mix to maintain the quality of the product and to minimize market dependence on long term.

1.9. Regular meetings with the hotel operation (Rooms Division, Reservation and Food and Beverage) have to be held to exchange information and problem solving.

1.10. Prepares and transmits the Call Reports on a weekly basis to the supervisor and/or the General Manager. Establishes a Monthly Report which includes the summary of the past activities, prospection and trends, and analyses competitor’s sales and promotion efforts, forecast for all sales activities and production/conversion figures. Attends once a month hotel’s Sales/Rooms Division and Credit meeting.

1.11. Targets to achieve key figures from key accounts / key markets through preparation and execution of proper action plan for his/her field of responsibility.

1.12. Conducts rate market surveys to advise management of actual market trends.

1.13. Establishes and co-signs contracts with Inter-National Tour Operators/Corporate respecting the Rate Policy and Contract Policy together with the General Manager. He/she conducts prior discussions with the partners to prepare final contracting.

1.14. Establishes monthly reports according to requirements.

1.15. Maintains a monthly overview of vacation- and public holiday balance of all sales staff and delivers a monthly consolidated summary to the Human Resources Manager.

1.16. Submits Expense Reports as and when required.

1.17. Involvement in establishing the Price Policy together with the hotel’s management.

1.18. Is co-responsible for the settlement of outstanding, respectively the follow up on a regular basis towards local Travel Trade to match credit policy (settlement within 30/60/90 days) in close co-ordination with the Credit Manager / Rooms Division.

  1. Self-Management Duties;

2.1. Comply with hotel rules and regulations and provisions contained in the employment handbook.

2.2. Comply with company grooming and uniform standards.

2.3. Comply with timekeeping and attendance policies.

2.4. Actively participate in training and development programs and maximize opportunities for self-development.

  1. Customer Service Duties:

3.1. Demonstrate service attributes in accordance with industry expectations and company standards to include:

3.1.1. Being attentive to guests.

3.1.2. Accurately and promptly meets guest expectations.

3.1.3. Understand and anticipate guest needs.

3.1.4. Take appropriate action to resolve guest complaints.

3.1.5. Be able to promote the hotel (THE ACT and 72 Hotels) products and services.

  1. Occupational Health and Safety Responsibilities:

4.1. Demonstrate Awareness of Health and Safety policies and procedures and ensure all procedures are conducted safely and within H and S guidelines and ensure your direct reports do the same.

4.2. Be aware of duty of care and adhere to occupational, health and safety legislation, policies and procedures.

4.3. Be familiar with property safety, first aid and fire and emergency procedures and operate equipment safely and sensibly.

4.4. Initiate action to correct a hazardous situation and notify supervisors of potential dangers.

4.5. Log security incidents and accidents in accordance with hotel procedures.

  1. General Duties:

5.1. Comply with the company corporate code of conduct at all times.

5.2. Familiarize yourself with the company vision and values which link to the model of desired behaviors that all employees are expected to display.

5.3. Perform other tasks at the level of the role as directed by your line manager in pursuit of the achievement of business objectives.

5.4. Have the desire and ability to improve your knowledge and abilities through on-going training.

5.5. Ability to work as part of a diverse team with colleagues from different viewpoints, cultures and countries.

The above tasks are considered to be predominant job tasks; therefore, you could be delegated to conduct tasks as instructed and not included in the above.

I understand and agree to the Duties and responsibilities as outlined in the job Description.

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